"The passion by generation"

Amidst stiff competition in the Albany-North Berkeley corridor, Sabuy Sabuy II stands out because it is one of the very few (maybe only) Thai restaurants around where you are encouraged to forgo the menu and let the ever-gracious owner Bart create your meal. A "Thai Omakase", if you will. The regular menu is no slouch either, including way-better-than-it-sounds sweet fruit salad for a starter. The second Sabuy Sabuy gets the nudge over the University-adjacent original, which’s geared more towards take out (though it has a money patio)

Thrillist San Francisco

Sabuy Sabuy II

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat 11:30 am–2.00 pm, 5.00–8.30 pm
Sun: Closed

To go only  during COVID-19 Pandemic 

Tel: (510) - 528 - 3932


1233 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94706

between Gilman ST & Harrison ST

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